This is the hour of the people of Malta – Delia

adrian delia parlament

Adrian Delia, leader of the Opposition and the Partit Nazzjonalista, said that this is the hour of the people of Malta. People have to stand up and be counted as this crisis is not a partisan one but it is a national crisis, said Delia.

He said that this government is not just guilty of taking over the institutions but of assassinating them. The Prime Minister and Keith Schembri worked out the plan before the 2013 elections. Had what been reported about Keith Schembri been reported about anyone else in Malta that person would have landed himself in trouble. But the Prime Minister keeps on depending Keith Schembri whatever he does.

The Prime Minister, said Delia, kept on defending Schembri until this very morning when Schembri was being interrogated by the police.  He even thanked Schembri, exclaimed Delia,  who is not only guilty of corruption but guilty of the rape of everything that makes a country a normal one. Even today, said Delia, the Prime Minister was not able to do the right thing. Schembri has to pay for his corruption and for all his other misdeeds.

Delia said that this morning he was in Court defending Maltese interests from the corruption involved in the sale of Malta’s hospitals. This was a corrupt deal of two thousand million euros. Minister Konrad Mizzi had to be dragged into Court but he was now ashamed to be in Parliament.