‘This is Me!’ – school starts year with inspiring message

On Wednesday,  St Catherine’s High School in Pembroke organised a ‘Welcome Fest’ to greet one and all to the first day of school with fun and smiles.

Educators were asked to wear hats or headpieces which they had created to represent who they are as individuals while students were invited to participate in a dance and sing to the music of “This is Me!” from ‘The Greatest Showman’.

A fire-eater, stilt walkers, a juggler and a magician from Fireplay were invited to animate the Welcome Fest.

“The theme for this scholastic  year is ‘This is Me!’ since the focus for all the activities and the educational journey will be that of acceptance, diversity and inclusion of one and all, irrespective of faith, culture, sexual orientation, medical condition and learning style,” Head of School Sue Midolo told Newsbook.com.mt.

Minister of Education, Hon. Evarist Bartolo was in attendance, as were a number of parents.

At the end of the activity, all 600 students were given a seedling with a note saying ‘Hello! This is Me! If you water me and take care of me, I will grow into a beautiful plant’ in the hope that they will sow the seed at home, leading to a greener community.