“This is about the country, not Delia” – PN MP

This opinion piece was penned by a PN MP who wished to remain anonymous

This is no longer about Adrian Delia or the PN. This is about the country. If Delia had an iota of self-respect and genuine respect towards the country’s well-being he would have left months ago. We are staring at the inevitable, a car crash in slow motion, but played in advance.

Never in the history of Malta’s political system in the last 50 years was there ever a political Leadership which was so inept.

The problem is the leadership

I do not want Dr Delia to be humiliated. But facing an election in 6 or 9 months’ time with a gap of 82,000 at the very least (which is more than 2/3) and a Parliamentary Group with at least 15 MPs less than the Government should have led him Sunday morning to pack and leave.

The man is living in a bubble. He simply lacks any focus even in internal meetings. His mind is erratic and has simply no clue about politics. In his one to one meetings, up until last month, he was telling MPs that he genuinely believes that he’s going to win (yes, win) the general election. He wasn’t bluffing. He’s simply living on another universe.

The survey of today reconfirms that the problem is the Leadership, not the Party. Period.

Delia did his best

We are being inundated with private messages of revulsion and rage from our supporters, including from those who two years stuck out their neck for him and who today at least have the humility to admit how wrong they were in trusting someone from the outside. Because that is the stark truth: you cannot parachute into a leadership position. Politics needs a lot of years (not days) maturing and going up the ladder, rung by rung, learning from the falls on the way.

If for nothing else, Delia has proven that it is madness entrusting the leadership of a political party with the history of the PN to someone who had no clue what the cut and thrust of politics implies. Being a good speaker, making good TV is no substitute for the clout one acquires and needs in the daily grind of politics.

Delia has to realize that no one is greater than the Party is applicable to him. He did his best, of this I have no doubt. But his best was nowhere good enough.

In front of God, he has a moral duty to do the honourable thing and leave now.