This Christmas, remember the simplicity in which Jesus was born – Catholic Action

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Maltese Catholic Action (AKM) appealed to everyone’s sense of responsibility as it urged for the recommendations of the health authorities to be followed this Christmas, even as it recognised that it would be particularly difficult to do so.

The lay Catholic group emphasised that the Covid-19 pandemic requires people to think of others, particularly the most vulnerable.

“It is true that during the past months a lot of sacrifices were asked of us and many deprived themselves from several experiences and physical affection and therefore the fatigue of these measures is being felt. However, let us remember that the Covid-19 pandemic is still with us and we should not let these sacrifices be in vain,” AKM maintained.

“It is particularly difficult in Christmastime to be unable to celebrate in the traditional Maltese way that is generally characterised by the presence of family, love and joy – however we are certain that with the help of technology and the creativity of each person, alternative measures can be found in order to share with each other the joy of this important day.”

AKM urged people to remember the simple circumstances in which Jesus Christ was born, and expressed its wish for everyone to feel the infinite love that led God to become flesh.

“As an organisation, we continue to be close in prayer to those families who lost a loved one due to this virus. We are certain that with everyone’s commitment we will manage to limit the pandemic whilst continuing to be close to each other in different manners so that less people will feel alone,” it concluded.