Third Maltese cruise liner passenger placed on quarantine

The cruise ship MS Westerdam at dock in the Cambodian port of Sihanoukville, Cambodia February 16, 2020. REUTERS/Matthew Tostevin

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A third Maltese person who was on board the cruise liner MS Westerdam has arrived to Malta, and has been placed on quarantine along with the other two passengers, the Health Ministry confirmed.

The health authorities have confirmed that none of them have shown any signs or symptoms of respiratory disease.

The Westerdam had been denied entry by several Asian countries over concerns of an outbreak of Covid-19, the name given to the disease caused by a novel coronavirus strain first identified in Wuhan, China. At least one passenger has been confirmed to have contracted the virus.

It was initially believed that only two Maltese people – a couple – was on board the vessel, and they were evacuated last week. But a third Maltese passenger – reported to be an elderly man – was subsequently identified.