Think ahead if going abroad on Sunday

Malta International Airport (MIA) is advising passengers to be at the airport earlier than usual on Sunday 19th August as air traffic will be reaching a maximum high of 180 landings and take-offs, with around 28,000 passengers going through the airport.

MIA is also reminding passengers to be aware of the following for security purposes:

  • Accessories – where possible avoid belts, watches and jewellery because of metal detectors.
  • Buckles and laces – avoid shoes with laces and/or buckles
  • Liquids – only 100ml containers are allowed in hand luggage to a maximum of one litre (1000ml) in a plastic sealable bag of 20x20cms.
  • Medicine – medicine in liquid form including syringes and cold packs may be carried in the hand luggage even if they exceed the 100ml limit. A medical prescription needs to be provided.
  • Electronic Equipment – need to be taken out of hand luggage and passed through X-ray machine at security check points.
  • Empty pockets – empty all your pockets at security checkpoints.
  • Food – non-liquid food is allowed in hand luggage. Baby food is allowed.
  • Gifts – it is advisable to leave gifts unwrapped in hand luggage. Toy pistols will be confiscated.
  • Hair Styling Equipment – may be carried in hand luggage.