“They tried to strangle me with a jacket”

Fr Vincent Magro, from the Missionary Society of St Paul, told Newsbook.com.mt that while he was doing missionary work in Perù, he fell prey to muggers when he decided to go for a stroll the countryside and could have ended up being killed.

Fr Magro was narrating one of the experiences he went through when he was working with his community in Perù, a mission which started in 1968.

He said the incident took place on the 9th July, when he decided to kick back and relax in the countryside. He explained that at around midday, while he was getting into his car to go back to the city centre, two men mugged him.

Fr Magro explained that he immediately told them to take all the money he was carrying and let him be. According to Fr Magro, when they heard these words, they looked hypnotised. They took all valuable items from him. Then they put a jacket around his head and tried to suffocate him by exerting pressure on his head. At this point, they asked him for his car keys. He did what they asked for, and they asked him to go sit by a tree and stay still for 10 minutes.

They fled the scene, and after 10 minutes, Fr Magro made his way back to the village. Upon arrival, he thanked St Mary for saving him.

Fr Vincent Magri spent years working in Perù with several poor people.

Fr Mons. Joseph De Piro funded MSSP, a missionary congregation of priests and Catholic Monks. In 1921, the society was first approved by the diocese.