“They shot my pigeons,” says angry enthusiast

Trigger happy hunters seem to have racing pigeons in their crosshairs.

A racing-pigeon enthusiast has contacted Newsbook.com.mt, complaining that ‘irresponsible’ hunters are decimating pigeons while these are doing their daily jog. Like all athletes, racing pigeons need their daily training and he complained that some are being killed while others are returning to the loft injured, sometimes seriously injured.

“I found pellets in one of them”, said the young enthusiast, who said that up to now he had lost the equivalent of €20,000. “Each pair of pigeons costs on average €2,000” he said, adding that he saw at least 10 drop out of the sky. “They shot my pigeons. I saw them dropping out of the sky…one by one,” he said angrily but also sadly.

“I respect all pastimes, but I do expect my pastime to be respected in return,” he said, adding “these trigger-happy hunters seem to shoot at whatever moves”

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