“These laws guarantee children decent living” – Farrugia Portelli

Updated 07:57 PM
The Sunday Times of Malta

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Parliamentary Secretary Julia Farrugia Portelli took to Facebook stating the laws about residence permits are designed to guarantee a decent living for children.

On Sunday morning, The Sunday Times of Malta revealed that 22 children are threatened with expulsion from Malta by the government agency of Identity Malta because their parents do not satisfy the financial requirements of a policy. This policy requires third-country nationals to earn €19,000 a year, as well as €3,800 extra for each child. The figures do not include bonuses or overtime.

The Parliamentary Secretary insisted that laws do not differentiate between nationality, and are designed to guarantee a decent living for family members, including children, to be given a residence permit to live in Malta.

Farrugia Portelli added that Identity Malta will be communicating its official position on the case soon. In the meantime, over 3,000 persons signed the petition started by Newsbook.com.mt, so that these children would not be expelled from Malta.

She also mentioned the following points: 

  • In most cases, the parents would have only been given permission to work in Malta a few weeks or months before
  • If an application does not meet the requirements, it is rejected. This guarantees decent living
  • Malta is complying with laws which have been in force since 2007, which are also implemented in the European Union directive 
  • Identity Malta decisions may be challenged before the Immigration Appeal Board
  • None of the cases indicated in the media deals with children who have been in Malta for a long period of time and have permission to live in Malta