“There shouldn’t be a safer place than home”

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Around 5,000 people have signed the petition initiated by Newsbook.com.mt which was formulated following the tragedy happened on Monday in Ħamrun when Miriam Pace died in the rubble after her house collapsed due to ongoing construction works adjacent to her house.

The petition has also called for a day of national mourning as a signal to family Pace and society that it is determined to change the situation.

The petition stated that all those who signed expressed their rage and sadness following yet another death caused by the incompetence of state authorities in Malta.

There were hundreds of people who left their comment on why they decided to sign the petition.

These were some of the reasons given by the undersigned;

“Because there shouldn’t be a safer place than home”

“Anger at the heartless & soulless creatures ruling and ruining this country”

“The situation is desperate”

“Developers cannot be left unpunished”

“Stop building and plant more trees”

“If I do not sign I would be part of the problem”

“It’s time to stop the greed”

There was also one comment by a person living close to the collapsed house of the Pace family. This person wrote how they are left pending and do not know what will be of their house as no authority is assuming the responsibility of the effect the accident had on other properties. This person stated that due to this situation they are suffering from emotional and psychological trauma.

Through the petition, people also insisted that every family which has suffered a similar tragedy is given the necessary financial and emotional help.