“Attempts to recruit private nurses to serve as strikebreakers” – MUMN

Union issues directives to all its members


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses, MUMN has issued two new directives which came into effect immediately. The union said that the directives were issued as the government is pressuring nurses to work overtime and change rosters in order to be in position to administer the Influenza Vaccine.

The directives are as follows;

  • Do not work overtime related to administration for Influenza Vaccine
  • Do not accept a change of roster related to administration for Influenza Vaccine

MUMN claimed that there are also attempts to recruit private nurses from private contractors in order to serve as strikebreakers.

“The Government is doing its utmost to neutralise our directives regarding the 16 hours extra vacation leave to all our members in all hospitals and other places of work and the Meal Allowance for the Nurses working at the PHCD,” said MUMN.

The union stated that it will continue to fight for the rights of its members as they are requesting what the government promised them in the electoral manifesto, where there is written down that the public holidays taken by the previous government, will be given all back.

“This promise should be kept and to give us back what have been taken from us, they need to give us the 16 hours vacation leave so that the promise will be honoured,” argued MUMN which has also showed its disappointment as government did not hold talks with the union to discuss the matter but decided to try and employ nurses to serve as strike breakers.

MUMN instructed its members to strictly adhere with these Directives.