The worries and hopes of Evarist Bartolo

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Minister for Education Evarist Bartolo, in his daily missive on Facebook, said that he is filled with worry and hope. “I am concerned that after mid-January 2020 all we will do will be to take up from where we left off. We would have learnt nothing and what happened will happen again and our country will nosedive,” wrote Bartolo. “I am filled with hope that we can manage to overcome this crisis and turn it into an opportunity for change, within the party and within ourselves,” continued the minister who has taken on the mantel of the dissenting sage on the social media.  

Bartolo said, and not for the first time that even the biggest and oldest tree needs occasional pruning to make way for strong, new growth. He asked if the party was capable of renewal if it could decouple itself from the moneyed class and its hold on the political class. “Are we capable of ensuring that the institutions which protect the law, the rule and regulations of justice are, in every aspect, led by persons of integrity and not by persons who can be manipulated from behind the wings?” asked Bartolo. Bartolo questioned if the country is capable of bringing up a generation of citizens and politicians who truly respect the democratic process and can discuss political ideas in a free and open manner. He queried if the business community can adhere to correct business ethics and asked if civil society can work to strengthen public morality.