The vote of the Executive Council cannot be discarded – A Perici Calascione

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Dr Alex Perici Calascione,  the President of Executive Committee of the Partit Nazzjonalista, said that while the no confidence vote in Adrian Delia decided in the Executive Committee showing that the members has a political weight which can’t be discarded and has to be taken into consideration and given its due weight. Perici Calascione also said that according to the new statute of the PN the General Council of the party can dismiss Delia.

The President of the Exicutive Council was answering question by Jesmond Saliba during Newsbook Hour,the current affairs programme on 103 Malta’s Heart.  He was discussing the current political crisis in the Partit Nazzjonalista following two no confidene votes in Adrian Delia, first by a majority of the MP of the party and a week later by the majority of the members of the Executive Council.

Perici Calascione said that now the future of the party depends on the moves which Dr Delia will do.

Can the General Council hold a vote of confidence again, given the fact that a vote of confidence was taken under two years ago? Dr Perici Calascione said that the new statute clearly defines this issue. The provisions of the stature apply form the date that it was approved in June of this year, and there was not vote of confidene in Delia taken in the General Council since then. If this is unclear, the Party’s General Council President is the guardian of the interpretation of the statutue whenever there is an unclear outcome.

Dr Perici Calascione said that the current situation needs to be resolved in a definite way as soon as possible, as the Party needs to work in the best way possible, to present itself as an alternative to the current government, somehting which at this stage and in these circumstance can’t happen.

Dr Alex Perici Calascione said the past three years were not easy. Anyone in any decision making position and within the sturcture of the party, needs to act within the role and the responsibility, needs to act in the best interests of the Party.

Dr Perici Calascione said that the leadership campaign in 2017 in which he participated wasn’t about who one supports, but a divisive campaign built about dividing the party members in a way which verges on extreme populism.

Dr Perici Calascione said that the Partit Nazzjonalista has a responsibility towards the country. Asked who is the Party, the President of Executive Committee of the Partit Nazzjonalista said that every single individual who is part of this organisation, is part of the Party. However every part has its responsibility towards the bigger sense of the common good of the country and the party.

He said, that this puts responsibility on every individual to act in the best interest of the Party and the country.