The vaccine is ‘a marvellous technology’ effective against variant, says expert

‘Continue to observe preventive measures even during the festive season’

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Maltese expert Prof Michael Borg, in an interview with Fr Joe Borg, explained why the anti-Covid-19 vaccine is a marvellous piece of technology. He also gave information about the variant of the virus at the same time explaining why the vaccine is effective against it. Prof Borg also insisted on the need to keep on scrupulously observing all preventive measures, particularly during the festive season.

Prof Borg explained:

  • The vaccine is a marvellous piece of the most modern technology and is very effective.
  • No safety shortcuts were taken. Scientists very craftily piggybacked on existent technology to develop this vaccine in record time. There were no delays because of financial considerations as the government had promised enough money to finance research.
  • The vaccine is totally safe. Hundreds of people in the USA and the United Kingdom have been vaccinated and the only side effects noted where those usually noted even with the flu vaccine. Some light fever, tiredness and mild pain where jab is administered were among the side effects.
  •  Pregnant women and minors under 16 are being told not to get vaccinated only because not enough experiments have been conducted with these groups to be certain that it is one hundred per cent safe. There were some experiments with pregnant women in the USA and there were no negative effects.
  • Virus mutation is normal and frequent. It happens, for example, with the flu virus. Besides the variant discovered in the United Kingdom, there are other variants as well.
  • This variant is essentially the same as the original virus It is more dangerous as it is more infectious. But those infected will suffer the same symptoms as those infected with the ‘original’ virus.
  • I already booked to be vaccinated and I urge everyone to do the same. Those who have any doubts because of some particular condition should speak to their family doctor.
  • It is essential that everyone observed scrupulously the preventive measures recommended by the health authorities.