“The tale of the fractured party was spun by Labour” – Delia

Head of Nationalist Party (PN) Adrian Delia said that it was the Labour Party (PL) who spun the tale of a fractured party. Delia said that it is within the PL’s interest to spin a tale about another party to shy away from other, more serious discussions.

On the programme Iswed fuq L-Abjad on the PN’s television station, Delia detailed the party’s tribulations after he asked Busuttil to suspend himself from the Nationalist Party (PN) Parliamentary Group last week due to the Egrant report’s conclusions.

Delia however decided that “you don’t need to go for the kill”, and that he has reflected upon this decision and decided that there is no need to take things too far.

He went on to say that he must do all that he can to unite the party, so as not to allow those who wish to polarise the party to prevail.

On unequal footing

Delia said that since the PN wasn’t granted a copy of the full magisterial inquiry on Egrant, this situation creates a political imbalance in favour of the Government, who is taking advantage of it and putting the Opposition at a disadvantage.

“Revolutionary change for PN”

Delia stressed that the PN is undergoing a lot of revolutionary change, but that the values will remain the same. However, its politics will change.

Fuel prices and Gozo

Delia said that the PL have gone against their electoral promise to keep fuel prices stable.

In relation to Gozo, he also mentioned the Vitals Global Healthcare contract that has now been awarded to Steward Health Care. He said that the Government, rather than having a hospital of its own in Gozo, decided to give it away to a private company.

You can read the full report here.