The Synod is a time of Grace

A sessionn of the Amazon Synod at the Vatican

The Synod is a precious gift of the Spirit for the Amazon and for the whole Church, both from the theological and pastoral point of view, and for the inescapable task of caring for our common home. It is a time of grace, a favourable opportunity for the Church to reconcile with the Amazon. This is the common thread that unites the twelve reports of the small working groups that was presented in the Synod Hall on Thursday afternoon.

All the publicly read texts express the hope that in the Amazon a new synodal path will develop and that from the assembly of bishops in the Vatican a new start will be made with an ardent missionary passion, typical of a true outward looking Church.

The hope is that the Amazonian “good life” will meet with the experience of the Beatitudes: in fact, in the light of the Word of God, it reaches its full realization. There are many and varied concrete proposals from the various groups that need clarification: the current one is not only a regional Synod, but universal, what happens in the Amazon affects the whole world.

Twelve themes

These are the salient points coming out from these twelve groups:

A Church for the poor and against all violence;

The setting up of an International Ecclesial Observer on Human Rights;

The need for more ecumenical dialogue;

The mission of the Ministries and Laity and the rejection of clericalism;

The role of women in the Church who are already performing diaconate work;

The crisis of luck of priestly vocations and the possibility of “viri probati”;

The vocational crisis in the Amazon and priestly formation;

The need for intercultural dialogue and inculturation;

Mission and martyrdom;

The issues regarding migration and youths;

The protection of Creation and the ecological dimension; and

Ecological sin and the promotion of an Economy of Solidarity.

All these reports were handed over to the Synod Secretariat who is responsible to draft the final report of the Synod and pass it on to Pope Francis for his approval and eventual decisions and directives emanating from this important meeting.