The situation is no longer tenable – Kamra tal-Periti

Moviment Graffitti condemns umpteenth construction death

Nicole Borg

While the details of the tragedy in Bormla are still emerging, one thing is amply clear, that, the construction industry is rife with systemic and fundamental deficiencies that must be addressed without further delay, said the Kamra tal-Periti.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the Kamra tal-Periti urged the Prime Minister and the Ministers responsible for the industry to fulfil Government’s commitments of last August without further delay. “It is unacceptable that a country which aspires to portray itself as “the best in Europe” remains complacent to these tragedies which have become all too common. The country deserves better.” – stated the Kamra tal-Periti.

It was also stated that the present situation is no longer tenable. Further delay is not an option, stated the Kamra tal-Periti which has also made reference again to its draft proposals for A Modern Building and Construction Regulation Framework, published in May last year.

These were presented to all industry stakeholders, including the Chamber of Engineers, the Chamber of Commerce, the Building Industry Consultative Council, the Building Regulation Board, the Building Regulation Office, the Building and Construction Agency, the Planning Authority, the Malta Developers Association, and the Malta Insurers Association.

The proposals were also presented to the European Commission and the Opposition, as well as to Government which, through a Letter of Commitment issued in August 2019 recognised the need for a comprehensive reform of the building and construction industry, and committed itself to implement the Kamra’s proposals

Stop sacrificing lives on the altar of greed – Moviment Graffitti

The death of a construction worker in a collapse in Cospicua is another senseless death caused by lawlessness in the building sector, said Moviment Graffitti in a statement. Expressing shock at the umpteenth death on a building site, the activist group condemned the authorities’ complacency in introducing tighter regulations on the sector, going on to say that this very avoidable death is the result of sacrificing decency at the altar of private profits.

Moviment Graffitti noted hoe this tragic accident comes in the wake of the death of Miriam Pace, the home collapses of last summer and dozens of accidents, some fatal, in construction sites throughout the years.

“Faced with all this, both Government and the MDA have repeatedly stated they want to see better regulation of the sector, however the status quo is clear for everyone to see.” – stated the NGO which continued to argue how the government’s incentives for the construction industry to buy new machinery add insult to injury.

“Not only has the concept of tighter regulations gone out of the window, but government is now using public funds in a shocking display of servilism to a private lobby. Machinery should be upgraded across the board as a rule, and this should be financed by the developers themselves not by the taxpayer.” – said Moviment Graffitti.

Moviment Graffitti called on the Prime Minister to take the necessary steps to rein in this sector. With disappointment, the NGO also stated that a lot has been promised in the aftermath of Miriam Pace’s death, but no action, and far less justice to her family and other residents, has been forthcoming.