The silence… before the storm … of votes

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The media silence days are with us. It is now the turn of Maltese and Gozitan voters to take to the polls on Saturday and choose the candidate that in their opinion has reverberated the most during the past months of propaganda.

During the 24-hour period prior to the commencement of the voting period, and throughout Election Day, the voters will be left to mull over who will best be representing them without any interference from media outlets.

The silence period has started last night at midnight. Every television, radio, newspaper, magazine is obliged to ensure that no programmes and articles with political content are repeated or published.

Media outlets, political parties and candidates are obliged to remain silent on Friday and Saturday. No political activities or comments are allowed either by political parties or media outlets.

The Broadcasting Authority has also asked the media that any reportages and transmission during this period are done with caution in mind and carry informative content. Any declarations, press releases and advertisements containing political content are not to be disseminated.

Those transgressing will be consequenced.

What to do before dropping your vote?

Polling stations around Malta and Gozo will be open for the public to cast their votes from 7am till 10pm. For the first time in Maltese history, 16-year-olds will also be allowed to vote. Prior, the minimum age was that of 18.

Mobiles, cameras and other photographic equipment are prohibited from the polling stations.