The secret to creating the perfect burger

It doesn’t really matter which particular burger you enjoy, as the things which delight your taste buds are most certainly the seasoned patty, the deliciously gooey cheese, the toasted sesame-seed bun and the wonderfully fresh and crispy lettuce.

The meat is, without a doubt, the very core of each burger. Following the American recipe for the perfect patty, form a patty out of minced beef, and grill it. Season with salt and pepper after it’s already cooked, to avoid it drying out. Of course, you may use different ingredients instead of minced beef.

Use any type of cheese you wish! Brie will provide that sought-after creamy texture, as would a cool, fresh ġbejna. Or perhaps you prefer a more toasty, tangy taste; in the case, try a smoked cheese.

A simple bun is best, to avoid a cacophony of confusing flavours. Let the patty and cheese be the shining stars!

To complement the meat, you may add some onion. Try carmelising the onion by first letting it cook slowly, and when soft and golden, adding some sugar and balsamic vinegar.

However, you should avoid using tomatoes, as you risk having the bun become soggy. However, for the sake of being over the top, you can always add a fried egg and some bacon.

Finally, place all ingredients on top of each other within the bun, take a bite, and enjoy the glorious medley of flavours exploding on your tongue!