The Secret Garden: Online storytelling workshops for children

Join the Valletta Cultural Agency and Lignin Stories for a series of online storytelling workshops to find out what happens when the doors to a magical garden are thrown open.

Set in Valletta, this garden, inspired by the garden of the convent of St Catherine’s in Republic Street, is old and full of secrets. Together, we will explore the plants and flowers that grow there and discover how the bees and the ants, the spiders and the garden cat live. We also meet a mysterious woman who seems to have hair made of flowers and clothes made of water. Why does she look so worried? She’s coming closer to us. What is she asking us to do? 

Let’s dive into the story to find out!

During this 40-minute workshop (delivered via Zoom), Giuliana Fenech will tell the children a story and lead them through a set of storytelling activities related to gardens and nature. The children will be sent a printable workbook that they can keep as a memory of their exploration of this secret garden. These workshops are being held in the lead-up to a final performance as part of the project. This performance will take place in the garden of the convent of St Catherine’s in Republic Street, Valletta between the 23rd and 25th of October 2020.

Workshops will be held on the following dates and time: 16th July (10.30 am), 17th July (4.00 pm), 18th July (10.30 am), 19th July (4.00 pm) and 21st July (4.00 pm). To participate, you may register here by the 1st July 2020.

The Secret Garden is a co-production between the Valletta Cultural Agency and Lignin Stories.

This content was supplied by Valletta Cultural Agency