The Right to a Future is a Human Right

The Pope addressing civil authorities in Panama

In his first official speech in Panama, Pope Francis’ while addressing civil authorities and members of the Diplomatic Corps stressed that the right to a future is a human right and should be respected.

On his first day in Panama for World Youth Days, the Pope said that “another world is possible and the young are urging us to help in building it so that our dreams may come through and promote a social contract in which everyone will have the chance to dream of a better tomorrow.

“The right to the future is also a human right,” he underscored.

Speaking of the future of the younger generation Pope Francis noted that, “By welcoming the dreams of these young people, Panama becomes once more a land of dreams that challenges so many certainties of our time and opens up vital horizons which can enrich the road ahead through respect and compassion.”

“Each of you has a special place in the building of the nation, and is called to ensure that this land can live up to its vocation to be a land of convocation and encounter.”

Pope Francis, as reported by “Zenit” said that this involves decision, commitment and daily effort to ensure that all have the opportunity to feel that they are agents of their own destiny and that of their families and the entire nation.

“It is impossible to think of the future of a society without the active participation of each of its members, in such a way that his or her dignity is acknowledged and guaranteed through access to quality education and the promotion of dignified jobs.”

These two realities help make it possible to recognize and appreciate the genius and the creative dynamism of this people, said the Pope.

This Apostolic Visit for the occasion of the XXXIV World Youth Day marks the Pontiff’s 26th international trip and his 40th country visited.