The rain was used to cover up illegal dumping – WSC

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The levels of animal waste entering the Gozo sewer system shot up during recent rainfall, signalling that someone tried to use the weather to cover up their illegal dumping, WSC has told

A spokesperson for the Water Services Corporation explained that a large amount of liquid farm waste was dumped into the Gozo Sewers, which later tests identified it to be animal and not human.

The Corporation stresses that the incident was close to damaging works recently carried out to improve the Gozo waste management plant.

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WSC explains that it has been intensifying its efforts to monitor the plant and to hold illegal dumpers accountable for their damage to the plant’s systems.

‘The Corporation reiterates that sewage infrastructure is very complex and delicate and that such infrastructure is damaged through the improper use of the urban sewer system. It is, therefore, very important that only human toilet waste and degradable toilet paper are discharged in the system.’

The Corporation calls on the public to call on: 8007 6400; Email:; Website live chat:; or through their social media.