The price of corruption is paid by the nation – GRTU

    The GRTU said that recent events are of a “..great concern to the business community and we all deserve better”. The price of corruption or such serious allegations of corruption is really paid by all the nation, said the GRTU.

    In a statement the GRTU said that events unfolding in the last few days have distressed the business community  as these will cause significant instability in the business world within the current economic conditions.

    “We are a nation of hard working, enterprising people. We are proud of our reputation which has taken many years to build. It is, however very fragile and being heavily challenged” said the statement.

    Earlier this year GRTU said that it had clearly warned that its members were feeling the pressure coming from reputational damage suffered by Malta. “At that point we were already treading a fine line. Recent events will undoubtedly exasperate the situation” said the GRTU statement.  The GRTU said that the way Malta is viewed internationally and by our business colleagues abroad does not do justice to the Maltese people and Maltese businesses.