The PN needs people with a ‘can do’ approach – Delia

Partit Nazzjonalista

PN Leader Adrian Delia said that the attitude of the party needs to be one of moving on, building on lessons learnt. Speaking on the party radio on Sunday, Delia referred to the recent events in the Party which eventually led to the co-option of Kevin Cutajar. Delia said that the structures of the party may need updating and certainly needs to be used better.

Delia said that the PN is proud to have as one of its parliamentary group, a person with different needs. He defined Cutajar as a unifying force and said that parliament will now need to adapt to this new member’s needs. He said that he will be visiting the PN in Gozo and underscored that he will be visiting the sister isle soon. Delia said that he will read all reports compiled and engage. He did however, warn that all sections of the party need to pull their own weight and contribute to the electoral effort.

The Xarabank controversy

Delia said that while he accepted immediately the Xarabank invitation, all his advisors had recommended against participation “I will debate with the PM whenever he chooses to engage, but I will also discuss with anyone with different points of view” said Delia. He said that his aim was to show, tangibly that he was there to listen to anyone who had a message to give. Delia said that the party must be strong in opposition before aiming to be an alternative government. He said that in two institutions: the EP elections and the Local Council elections, both PN warhorses, have been the field of the PN’s greatest losses over the past decades.

Let’s adopt a ‘can do approach’

Delia said that the structures of the party need to be staffed by people with a ‘can do’ approach. He said that many hitherto non-political persons have approached him over the past days, offering help. Delia said that there must be a will to win in the PN otherwise nothing will move.