PN lists Government’s shortcomings in the education sector

Partit Nazzjonalista said that the Government did not plan adequately and failed to reach the self-imposed targets in the education sector. In a statement the PN listed the following Government shortcomings in the system:

  • Failed to build a new school each year
  • Failed to provide free school transport to all students
  • Failed to provide laboratory equipment
  • Failed to employ enough educators for the new scholastic year
  • Maltese and Mathematics teachers ended up with a bigger workload
  • The educators were demotivated by unfavourable working conditions
  • There was decreased security in schools while there was an increase in bureaucracy

The PN reiterated that the Government could not continue blaming others for its shortcomings. The Party thanked the educators for their work and wished success to the 60,000 students who have just started off their year.