“The PN is drowning” – Stephen Spiteri, MP PN

Dr Stephen Spiteri, while interviewed during 103’s Newsbook Hour, said that the PN is drowning and that was the reason why he supported the vote of no confidence against Adrian Delia that was proposed during a  meeting of the Parliamentary Group of the PN.

He said that he voted in the interest of the party.

“I can’t just sit and watch the party drown and pretend that things are right”, he said.

Dr Spiteri said that when he was being consulted by the President, as a Member of Parliament, he abstained because he felt that in that instance he should reflect the position of his constituenets some of whom favour Delia and other want to change him.

Spiteri was one of the 19 members of the Parliamentary Group of the PN who supported a no confidence vote in Delia. However when he met the President of the Republic Spiteri said that he would abstain on the issue.

Spiteri said that the Naitonalist Party needs everyone and it can’t afford to loose more people adding that the Party should have a clear direction and focus its energy in the best interest of the country. Spiters said that he was working on and presenting various options available for the future of the party, where a solution which is in the best interests of the party could be reached.

Dr Spiteri, reitrated the need for a clear direction and unity to ensure that it can serve the country’s best interest.