“The PN didn’t learn anything from the last election”


Labour Whip Byron Camilleri stated that the Nationalist Party did not learn anything from the last election given the Opposition and Nationalist Party leader, Adrian Delia’s inaction against the former Nationalist Leader Simon Busuttil.

Reacting to Delia’s decision against suspending the former Party Leader from the Party, the Labour Party stated that Delia “gave in to the demands made by the PN’s establishment”.
Furthermore, Camilleri went on to argue that it was clear that the establishment which Delia promised to remove in during the party leadership campaign still decides within the Nationalist Party.

The Labour MP Robert Abela claimed that Delia thus made the Egrant lie his own given that he decided against the suspension of the Former Party Leader Simon Busuttil.

Camilleri remarked further saying that Delia would not be a trustworthy Prime Minister and take important day to day decisions which would affect the whole country since he was incapable of implementing his own decision as a Party Leader.

Many have commented on Delia’s reversal of his own decision, after he decided that after all, the former Leader of the Party, Busuttil will not be suspended from the Parliamentary Group.