The PM risks undoing everything with the premature lifting of regulations – The MAPHM

Miguela Xuereb

The Malta Association of Public Health Medicine (MAPHM) has chastised the Prime Minister’s premature lifting of all regulations announced this morning, saying that ignoring the advice of health experts halfway through transition risks undoing everything.

It stated that contrary to all sound and evidence-based advice offered over the past weeks, and certainly contrary to the advice of the Superintendence of Public Health, the PM is choosing to lift all regulations. The Association explained that allowing three weeks to pass between each progressive step to observe the effects and adjust accordingly was, and remains, the only way to ensure the public’s safety.

It urged the PM to publish the strategy and risk assessment that he is quoting as the reason behind the lifting of regulations, to show that he is following the advice of health experts.

The Association added that it’s shocked by the idea of amnesty for people who risked the lives of others and were fined for not following the law. “Waiving it all away would be populist, short-sighted, and irresponsible”, it said.

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