“The Party is much bigger than any member; fire Schembri” – Micallef

The former Secretary General of the Labour Party and CEO of One Productions Jason Micallef said that the Labour Party is much bigger than any member and therefore, Keith Schembri should not remain as one of its members.

Micallef expressed this opinion on Facebook, after the former Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister dominated the compilation of witnesses in relation to Yorgen Fenech, the owner of the company 17 Black, who is accused to have been part of the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. From what the witnesses of Inspector Keith Arnaud said yesterday, Keith Schembri is being investigated for homicide and for revealing secret information about the case, among other things.

According to Jason Micallef, the Labour Party should issue a public declaration after firing Keith Schembri at once. He said that the Labour Party cannot remain passive anymore, especially with regard to a decision that should have long been taken.

It seems that Micallef is not the only one who is concerned about this situation. In fact, after it transpired that Schembri said in court that he has lost his mobile and that for this reason he cannot give it to the Police, the Labour Party CEO Randolph De Battista rebutted online about this incident.