Watch: The new Maltese app that really could kill business cards

The new generation of digital business card application starts from Malta.

Picture this: you are sitting in a meeting, with no business card on you, but wishing to share your name, phone number and social media details with your trade partners. Later, you go to a concert and would like to exchange contact details with some new acquaintances.

You believe in Cloud-based solutions, you think environmentally, and would like to sort out your issues rapidly, possibly using a paperless method.

SendeeApp offers a simple solution to these kinds of situations. The app, which is launched from Malta, is already available for download, simplifying one of the most important aspects of networking, the exchange of contact details and personal data. SendeeApp’s digital business card is recommended for both business and private networking purposes, but it also pursues an environmentally-conscious approach by aiming to restrict the usage of paper in this area as well.

Business cards have been the coin of the networking realm for generations, and some say that they might never disappear completely from our lives. Although they adapt less and less to the lifestyle of millennials, the mobile phones that have become the central device of their lives still lack such a digital and – equally important – environmentally conscious solution that enables a proper transfer of personal information. This is the issue that from now on SendeeApp offers a simple and stylish solution for, in both business and private areas.

How does SendeeApp actually work?

SendeeApp enables a flexible transfer of digital business cards via email or between two applications. Due to the innovative and ‘fun experience’-type user surface, data transfer can be performed extremely easily. Once the application is downloaded, all you need to do is simply ‘slide over’ the data from one device to the other.

The application serves as an ‘assistant’ to the mobile phone’s directory, so the shared data can be instantly saved, by one click, into the mobile phone’s contact list, also allowing comments to be added. This way, the application is extremely simple, letting the user stick to the same data storage system, and not having to get used to a new one.

Adjusting to the nature of contacts, up to three different types of digital business cards can be created, (in the full version), including photos, each consisting of more than twenty personal data and social media links that can be easily modified before sending. This way, you only share the information that is necessary at that point, and you will never even run out of these digital name cards in crucial moments.

The QR code of the application serves exclusively for the quick and safe identification of the users.

Environmentally-conscious mission behind the application

The main aim of the project is to radically change the way business cards are used in the world. However incredible it might seem, producing these tiny pieces of paper require the cutting of six million trees per year, not to mention the significant amount of hazardous printing waste during the manufacturing process. Thanks to these new and up-to-date business card solutions, this amount can be reduced to three million in less than three years.

The full-value and advert-free version of SendeeApp can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Play Store. The iOS and Android versions are fully compatible with each other.

iOS free version – SendeeApp

Android free version – SendeeApp Lite

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