The NCPE reiterates its stance in favour of the prostitution reform

The National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE) has reiterated its stance in favour of a prostitution reform. The NCPE said that the prostitution reform should send a clear message against exploitation and gender inequality.

“The State has an obligation to de-normalise prostitution and address the legal and social realities that give rise to this exploitative market” – NCPE

In a press statement, the NCPE said that it is in total agreement with the decriminalization of prostitution since prostitutes should not be penalised for suffering exploitation while the prostitution reform should ensure that the country has all the necessary legal and social means to assist persons to exit prostitution as well as create the conditions where no person has to resort to prostitution for a living.

The NCPE outlined that the State should send a clear message that prostitution is a form of exploitation that reproduces and reinforces a patriarchal society. In this context, sex-buyers should be penalised said the Commission for the Promotion of Equality.

It also explained that if our laws legitimise pimps and clients that that would lead to the widening of the sex market and therefore turning Malta into a magnet for human trafficking.

The NCPE also highlighted that more clients of prostitution could mean an increase in the spreading of STDs.