The Mother, both earthly and heavenly, is irreplaceable – Bishop Grech

No one can replace the presence of the mother in the family, said Bishop Mario Grech when he addressed members of the Legion of Mary. Referring to the parable of the Prodigal Son, Bishop Grech said that the son lived in a wealthy household but, sadly this was bereft of the presence of a mother. He said that the absence of a mother in that story means that the whole storyline could have been vastly different. “The absence of a mother in the story is not insignificant”, insisted Bishop Grech “as nothing replaces a mother”.

Referring to the absence of parents in some households, Bishop Grech said that the absence of a natural mother is felt as deeply as the absence of the Virgin Mother “…who shows us the path to Christ and leads Christ to us. Where there is Mary, there is Christ, and where there is Christ there is Mary” said Bishop Mario Grech. He appealed to the Legionaries of Mary to focus their appostolate on bringing the Virgin Mary closer to the faithful.