“The most difficult moment in my life was when I signed the Embryo Protection Act” – Coleiro Preca

In her first interview after ending her career, President Emeritus Marie Louise Coleiro Preca said that one of the most difficult moment in her life was when she signed the law regarding the Embryo Protection Act.

In an interview with Fr Joe Borg during the programme Newsline on RTK 103FM, the President Emeritus Coleiro Preca stated that she is not against IVF, but her concern is more about what will happen to the embryos.

She mentioned how during her presidency, she passed through a period of moral and ethical discernment, and when she decided to sign the law was because it was passed through Parliament. She also explained how after that discernment, she chose to sign for the first time as a President, while stating a clear message to the same Parliament. Coleiro Preca continued to discuss how a person will always carry his/her ethnic and moral issues, even if the person is a President.

“I would have resigned before signing a law in favour of abortion”

The former President said that if she was in the same position of signing a law in favour of abortion, she would have resigned on the spot, as that would have been a completely different scenario.

“These were my greatest moments of anguish during my presidency”

She talked about what she described as her greatest moments of anguish during her presidency, which included the Paqpaqli incident and the murder of the investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

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