The Mediterranean in a nutshell

Heritage Malta/Pierre Balzia

The latest publication by Heritage Malta ‘Heritage Malta Museums & Sites: The Mediterranean in a Nutshell’ provides an overview of 30 Heritage Malta museums and sites which are open for the public and range from geology to industrial heritage, archaeology to ethnography, and palaces to underground cemeteries.

Heritage Malta/Pierre Balzia

The hardbound slender and reasonably priced book is ideal for all those who have an interest in the Maltese Islands’ legacy, for students who require reliable but brief information about the islands’ main archaeological and historical sites, and also for tourists who would like to acquire a memorable keepsake of their stay in Malta.

Heritage Malta/Pierre Balzia

Detailed but concise one-page accounts focus on the essential data which one needs to know about each of Heritage Malta’s museums and sites, whereas accompanying one-page images include a set of brief main points, together with the address, contact, weblink and QR code of each place. The engaging pages take you on a journey of discovery of these fascinating islands.

The text is by Alan Fenech, Godwin Vella and Vincent Zammit. Photography and design is by Pierre Balzia

This publication is available from Heritage Malta’s museums and sites. For more information, visit

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