The loves and fears of Fr Karm

Fears falsity, loves being a religious and reverberates with butterflies. These were some of the answers given to by Fr Karm Debattista MSSP who daily presents Handbook on 103.

Fr Karm has been producing and presenting radio programmes on RTK for many years. He describes his relationship with the station as a “love/hate relationship story, you give and take, hurt and heal.” His transition to 103 was a natural transition.

Handbook, which Fr Karm presents daily discusses the Gospel readings. It is broadcast just after noon.

The full interview with Fr Karm follows: If you were to change your name (and surname) what would you change it to?

Fr Karm: Peter Borg… what’s the difference?  What animal do you relate most to?

Fr Karm:  Butterfly… it never stops.’s your favourite colour?

Fr Karm:  Green… so vital, dynamic. Share with us a famous quote that has inspires you.

Fr Karm: How you see is what you see… everything depends on the way you see it of the recent popes has influenced you most? 

Fr Karm: Francis… he successfully eradicated all the rubbish we picked throughout the centuries and went back to the original is your greatest fear?

Fr Karm:  Falsity… I can’t get rid of it. song irritates you most?

Fr Karm: Who Let The Dogs Out?… How did someone come up with the idea to record such a song? one object you can’t live without?

Fr Karm:  Laptop… I do everything on it. would you choose: a career you love or a big sum of money?

Fr Karm:  I have a career I love and I will not change it. Being a religious guy gives me freedom 103?

Fr Karm: It has been a love/hate relationship story, you give and take, hurt and heal.