The law in the age of Covid-19

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

What is the role of the law in the age of Covid-19? How should the law respond to the various difficulties, issues and challenges created by the ongoing pandemic? What solutions already exist in the law, and what new solutions should be introduced?

Not surprisingly, the current pandemic has changed the world in ways no one ever imagined or predicted and the legal sector is certainly not an exception. In fact, the economic, financial and legal consequences of the pandemic are potentially massive and lawyers have had to wrestle with legal and practical problems arising from the inability, or claimed inability, to perform contractual obligations.

“When it comes to the legal profession and the application of the law, COVID-19 raises a number of pertinent questions worth answering. This is why we, as legal practitioners, have decided to try to identify and analyse the consequences and implications brought by COVID-19 to the various fields of law and economic activities through a webinar themed ‘The Law in the Age of COVID-19’” states David Fabri who heads the Chamber of Advocates’ Malta Law Academy.

This webinar, which takes place on Wednesday 25th November between 2.00pm and 4.00pm, will see five prominent legal practitioners share their expert views on a number of relevant issues and  challenges which they have personally encountered in their respective areas during these past difficult months.

Dr Ivan Vella will address Company Law, Dr Stefano Filletti will focus on Criminal Law, Dr Ian Spiteri Bailey will talk about  Employment Law, Dr Ann Fenech will discuss Shipping and Maritime Law, while Dr Massimo Vella will tackle Civil Law.

“The webinar should hopefully help all practitioners examine whether the current laws offer satisfactory workable solutions and how these laws can further help us cope with this crisis,” added Dr Fabri.

Registration to follow ‘The Law In The Age of COVID-19’ webinar is possible by clicking on this link.

This content was supplied by the Chamber of Advocates