“The Italian UIF does not carry out such investigations” – Muscat


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Malta’s former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat insisted that the Unita’ di Informazione Finanziaria per l’ Italia – Italy’s Financial Intelligence Unit – (UIF) is not investigating him as it does not carry out these kinds of investigations.

This comes after an article uploaded on Kenneth Rijock’s Financial Crime Blog outlined that the UIF has opened a criminal probe into Muscat “and his Maltese criminal associates, involving financial transactions that they have conducted inside Italy”. 

Yesterday, Muscat told Newsbook.com.mt that such allegations are an “invention”, and that he never had any “financial activities” in Italy. Furthermore, he stated that “this discredited individual, who surely has no connection to any institution he ‘quotes’, is once again resorting to fabrications.”

Muscat’s message to Newsbook.com.mt:
Ex-PM denies being investigated by Italy’s FIU

In a long Facebook post, the former PM remarked that he never had any “accounts” or “financial transactions” in any country other than Malta, recalling that he is “the only Maltese politician to have subjected oneself to a magisterial inquiry which had access to worldwide databases and judicial authorities.”

Muscat stated that Kenneth Rijock, “a convicted felon and fraudster”, is a not-so-good con artist who can only find fertile ground with the gullible.

“It would be good if before rushing to reproduce such hogwash by a convicted fraudster, Maltese media worth their salt take the time to independently verify such outwardly claims, which now even include my aiding of terrorist,” Muscat concluded.

Over the past couple of weeks, a disgraced former lawyer, whose claim to fame is having been at the service of the mob,…

Posted by Joseph Muscat on Friday, September 25, 2020