Watch: The home which gives the homeless a future

Success of programme Reach is over 80%

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

  • A single mother with five children. A victim of domestic violence.
  • A non-Maltese youth who came to Malta for a promised job. Down payment of rent already given. He came to Malta and found nothing of what was promised.
  • A married man with two children. Due to family problems he ended up homeless.

These three and other homeless persons were helped by Reach which is part of the Fondazzjoni Dar il-Hena made of The Alfred Mizzi Foundation, Government and Caritas. These three, like over 80% of those who take go to Reach, managed to learn enough skills to face their problems on their own.

Reach gave them a new life and a future.

Fr Joe Borg interviews Roberta Gellel who is responsible for the Reach programme and home.

  • Who are the homeless?
  • Are they to blame for their homelessness?
  • Who can ask Reach for help?
  • What does the programme consist of?

Friday January 1st on at 5.00pm.