Watch: The hardest of times brings out the bravest in us all – Delia

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

These are challenging times, times that will undoubtedly bring on huge changes to our society, said the leader of the Nationalist Party and Opposition, Adrian Delia in a message published on Saturday.

Adrian Delia said that this situation has affected each and every one of us, our families and our loved ones, the elderly and our young ones but we must remain determined to see hope prevail & determined to triumph over this unseen enemy.

“History has taught us that it has been our unwavering hope and determination that has always given us the strength to overcome the greatest of odds,” said Delia.

He also mentioned how the Nationalist Party has called for more stringent measures even before COVID-19 reached our country and that the party demands that such preventive measures must be applied immediately.

The leader of the Nationalist party listed the number of measures that the party had called upon authorities to implement;

  • The importance of ensuring that our hospitals were well equipped and ready to face the challenges
  • To close borders at an early stage, to better contain the spreading of the COVID19 virus.
  • Immediate aid be given to support the economy. Workers, businesses, entrepreneurs and families.
  • The closure of schools
  • The limitation of direct contact in communities and the cancellation of public events and gatherings.
  • Initiatives that targeted society individually, pinpointing their needs both economic and social

Adrian Delia emphasised on the importance to work together to save lives, to save businesses, to save jobs. He said that when life returns back to normal, Malta should be first to market and in a real position to rebuild the economy.

The leader of the Opposition described the people, doctors, nurses, pharmacists,  law enforcement officers, business owners, employees, self-employed as heroes.

He then reiterated the health authorities’ appeal to stay home and keep safe whilst wishing everyone a Happy Easter.