The Great Besieged Monument

Manuel Delia

While is still awaiting a copy of the Restoration Method Statement for the Great Siege monument, the besieging ramparts have been strengthened by a covering banner. Observers of the political scene have pointed out that this is an attempt to make it more difficult for the activists seeking justice for the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia to be able to put up banners there. Journalist Manwel Delia was the first to point out the monument’s new clothes.

Over the past few days, a veritable cat-and-mouse game has been in act between the activists and government who has so far used the Police and the Public Cleansing officials as it’s centre forward players. The Daphne Memorial was repeatedly cleared of the conspicuous amount of candles and, at one point only one candle was left burning.

In covering one of the clean-ups, a journalist was harassed.