The government uses Gafa’ to co-ordinate pushback

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Former OPM operative Neville Gafa’ has admitted under oath that he had co-ordinated the push back of the 51 migrants involved in the Pasquetta Tragedy on instructions of the Office of the Prime Minister. In his answer to Newsbook, he did not identify the identity of the person who gave him these instructions. The sworn statement was given to Magistrate Joe Mifsud who is hearing the criminal case instituted by the civil rights NGO Repubblika.

Gafa, answering’s questions, said that he been co-ordinating push backs for the past three years. He later added that he did not co-ordinate push backs but made sure the boats did not enter Malta’s S&R. Only, this time, all reports confirm the boat was in Malta’s S&R. This sworn declaration came after the Catholic portal L’AVVENIRE revealed, through the work of top journalist Nello Scavo, an almost blow by blow account of the fateful hours in which Malta, Italy and the EU did their best to shirk their duty to save lives. In the case of Malta, in whose S&R area the hapless migrants found themselves in, a push back operation to war-torn Tripoli was put in place, putting the migrants in clear and present danger.

In reply to questions sent by, Neville Gafa’ wrote:

“I confirm that on Easter night and the days that followed I was involved in a mission in which a boat with 51 irregular migrants including 8 women and 3 minors were taken to port in Tripoli. On the same boat were five corpses.

“Besides this boat, I also coordinate another boat with 30 tons of food and drink to the same destination in the port of Tripoli. I ensured that this boat would be such that it would not catch the eye and become a target for some air-strike.

“I did all this on the instructions of the Office of the Prime Minister after the said office asked me to assist through direct coordination with the Libyan Home Affairs ministry and the Libyan Coast Guard. I was asked to do this since I have been involved in these operations for the past three years.

“I swore all this under oath in front of the Magistrate this morning in the criminal inquiry relating to this case”