The Government of Malta contradicts Italy’s PM on Diciotti

Migrants rescued

The Government of Malta has claimed that the Prime Minister of Italy Giuseppe Conte spoke falsely when making inaccurate comments in his report on the Diciotti case during the 35th Public Sitting of the Senate held earlier today.

In a press release, the Government of Malta reiterated that in the case of the Diciotti, the Italian Government clearly bears full responsibility for the immigrants in accordance with the respective obligations under international and EU law.

Conte said that Malta was to be responsible of the 171 immigrants aboard Diciotti, the immigrants taked in by Italy last month.

However, the Government of Malta stressed that Malta in no way reneged on its obligations under international law, and that it had offered its assistance, but this was refused. Malta then continued to closely monitor boat, fulfilling its duty of care.

It went on to say that the nearest place of safety was Lampedusa, and that if the Italian Government chooses to designate Lampedusa as not being safe, it must shoulder the burden of providing an alternative.