Watch: The friar who feeds both body and soul

Fr Joe Borg will interview Fr Paul Bugeja OFM Cap

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

He just published his fifth recipe book. He had also contributed to a book published by the Community Chest Fund. He is in the final stages of a book totally dedicated to vegetarian meals. Since in his convent they take care of more than 20 cats, he will include recipes for cats and dogs. Even a birthday cake for pets he will pen.

His recipes include unusual recipes such as qaqgħa tal-inbid, rabbit broth, ‘biskuttella’, recipes associated with various saints, and recipes originating from various monasteries in Europe.

He does not use holy water while cooking. A look at him shows that the food he cooks nourishes well the body.

He joined the Capuchins although his father worked as cook with the Carmelites. His books supported the Kenya missions, the homeless in Malta and slum dwellers in the Phillipines.

On Friday at 5.00pm on for the programme Newsbook Q&A Fr Joe Borg will interview Fr Paul Bugeja OFM Cap.