The Freeport is causing inconveniences to residents – Tourism Minister

Photo taken last year by Malta Freeport showing the protective boom being used for the first time to protect Pretty Bay.

The Minister for Tourism Konrad Mizzi said that the Freeport is currently undergoing works to reduce the current inconvenience to residents.

Mizzi stated that residents of Birżebbuġa are currently suffering from noise pollution due to machinery noises emitting from the Freeport. This statement came about after Nationalist Deputy Hermann Schiavone’s supplementary question about a gutter that was dug in Birżebbuġa.

The Government has launched a discussion regarding changes that can be carried out regarding the Freeport. One of the proposals is to further the distance between the port and the residents by moving the operations through land reclamation.

Moreover, there is also the idea of changing the 50 old cranes that still remain; this should not take longer than three years, said Mizzi.