The first 3 women join the Civil Protection Department

DOI - Clodagh Farrugia O'Neill

The first 3 women have joined the Civil Protection Department (CPD) just this morning. Minister for Internal Affairs Michael Farrugia said this during the passing out parade at the fire station in Ħal Far.

129 CPD officers, among them three women, were sworn in as Assistance and Rescue Officers, after completing the 18 week course. A press released detailed this, adding that this was the largest recruitment in 20 years.

The Minister stated that a 7-year plan is in initiation, which will include new vehicles, along with investment in human resources and training. Currently, the CPD along with the Disciplined Corps and other departments, are undergoing desktop exercises. These train officers to work together to learn how to tackle any situation they are faced with.

CPD Director Emanuel Psaila urged the officers to be proud of their work, proud of the fact that they form part of the CPD, as well as proud to serve the country.