The EU needs to promote wider screening programmes for cancer – Sant

There should be a European-wide focus on increasing screening programmes for cancers in its many forms, the Maltese Labour MEP Alfred Sant has said.

This was one of two goals that the cancer survivor said in his address to the European Parliament.

He said that the screening programmes were key for identifying those at most risk and for fighting the disease at an early stage and reducing cancer related deaths.

The second goal that Sant urged for the European level was to further promote awareness and spotting the signs of cancer’s incidence.

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‘More and more educational programmes are needed to carry out this task in well-designed formats to ensure they communicate knowledge not fright,’ the former Prime Minister said.

Sant’s comments were delivered as part of the topical debate on the ‘Fight Against Cancer’.

He stressed, ‘that the allocation of more research and more quality care for all patients was a priority.’