PN published the Egrant report – Delia

Updated 09:11 AM

Read the report here

PN and Opposition Leader Adrian Delia said that in agreement with the members of parliament, he will be publishing the Egrant report in its entirety. This is the full report.

In a televised speech, Delia said that having reviewed the voluminous document together with the members of parliament, he was surprised at the information which it contained which was both important and not yet in the public domain. Delia described the information as potentially of criminal nature.

Delia said that he had the option of not publishing as the Prime Minister had done before him. He had the option of redacting the document, another option which the Prime Minister had availed himself of it extensively in other reports. He finally had the option of publishing the document in its entirety. He said that having consulted with legal experts, the first two options were not acceptable to him and there was no legal reason why the full publication should not happen. “This was my choice. This was also the choice of the members of parliament on the side of the PN” concluded Delia.

Reaction by the Partit Laburista

The Partit Laburista said that the publication of the Egrant inquiry in its entirety will only confirm the conclusions which have already been published and will prejudice the current investigations. The publication of the document will prove that the Egrant was based on a lie, said the statement.