The dog that saved the country …

...from going to the dogs

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

For Peter, the customs sniffer dog, it was much the same day as any other. He had no thought of the great deed he was to accomplish. It was all in a day’s work to him, a dog that sniffs out money and cheques. But it was not. There was a day when he caught much more than he bargained for. Indeed, it could be said that he saved the country from going to the dogs.

It all started on November 13.

Peter, one of the best and, we are told, one of the cutest customs dogs, was on patrol at the Malta International Airport. He sniffed and then barked enthusiastically as he is rewarded with every catch. Peter made a very big catch, probably the biggest ever catch. A Libyan passenger had €233,000 undeclared cash in a luggage. The Police Economic Crimes Unit swung into action.

Little did Peter and his two-legged colleagues know that the catch would be much bigger than the sum of money retrieved at the Malta International Airport.

Police investigations into the case led them to loan shark Melvin Theuma. He asked for a quid pro quo. If he spilled the beans on  those involved in the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia , then the Government would give him pardon absolving him of all crimes he could be accused of.

Government accepted.

What happened later is history: