The darkest night of the soul necessary for spiritual growth – Mgr Grech

Toni Farrugia

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The darkest night of the soul is necessary for spiritual growth, the Apostolic Administrator of Gozo Bishop Mario Grech said on Thursday during a liturgical mass marking the feast of St George.

During the homily, Mgr Grech reflected on the live of St George and retold the story of the fierce dragon which was causing panic at the city of Silene, Libya at the time St George arrived there. He compared the dragon to the coronavirus, and explained that like the dragon, the novel virus was terrorizing people and causing uncertainty. He added that the pandemic has caused states to sacrifice their best resources not only in economic terms but also human resources.

He remarked that this bitter experience could help us realize what is important and what matters most. “We’ve realised that we have our limits,” Mgr Grech said, explaining that the current situation made us realise that some things which we thought were indispensable to our lives did not really matter as much as we used to believe. “St George would remind us of Jesus and tell us not to give up,” he said, “Jesus Christ is with us. God will not abandon us.”

Referring to the story of St George, Mgr Grech said that the same questions which perturbed the citizens of Silene at the time of St George, might be the people’s own questions during the pandemic. Where is God in all of this? Bishop Grech said that he was convinced that had it not been for the restrictions, the faithful would have flocked to the Basilica to celebrate the feast.

“As we’re passing through our darkest hour, let us allow St George to invite us again to open our hearts to Christ and let Him be our hope,” he said.

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