The danger for cyclists on the road is real – BAG President

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Dr Michelle Attard Tonna said that all the population effectively uses an intermodal form of transport since at some point we all use something other than a car: a bike, walking or public transport. Speaking at Newsbook Business Breakfast, Dr Attard Tonna said that many of the current traffic problems are effectively simple to solve.

Mobility said Dr Attard Tonna is the right to travel freely, a right protected by a law which obliges authorities to provide an integrated transport approach. She said that while cycle lanes exist, they are frequently not respected, making them dangerous to use. She said that the cyclists experience is frequently frustrating as their lanes are often obstructed by cars. A solution could be the segregation of bike lanes making it impossible for cars to intrude, said the speaker. Better design could increase intermodal transport use said the Bicycle Advocacy Group President.

Safety, said Dr Attard Tonna, is an issue as well as almost non-existent signage where construction works are being carried out. She added that certain areas are flooded or blocked pushing pedestrians onto roads and thus endangering their safety. She said that opportunities for traffic reduction have been lost as in the post-COVID rush to return to normality, the possibility of introducing traffic saving measures.